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giovedì 2 marzo 2023

Where to buy the best shapewear

 What is a shapewear?

It is an undergarment used to shape the body shape and make it more harmonious. The function is to better reduce the critical points of the Silhouette through a containing fabric.

Let's face it, how many of us have little time to go to the gym and do gymnastic exercise to keep curves in perfect shape?

Then we welcome the containment underwear to shape the body such as jumpsuits, girdles, underpants, body, leggings, skirts and so on.

The function can be both containing and modeling to enhance, for example, the buttocks or breasts.

Feeling comfortable and beautiful at the same time, regardless of size and age, is a result that every woman aspires to. However, often for fear of showing some imperfection and roundness, we deprive ourselves of that snug dress that seems to highlight and magnify even our smallest defect.

Many women – even those who live peacefully with their critical points – do not know a precious and irreplaceable everyday ally: shapewear.

The English term (shape = form, wear = clothing) indicates that type of underwear (girdles and body) that shapes and perfects the silhouette under dresses, trousers and blouses.

Where to buy the best shapewear

On sale there are many models and kinds of containment bodysiuts and when I discovered the best shapewear dress website, I was really enthusiastic about the wide range of products present.

Once brutally called "container", today thanks to the innovation of the textile industry this special category of underwear is better described as "shaping" because instead of compressing the body with questionable aesthetic results, the latest generation shapewear supports, wraps and shapes the silhouette without scoring, ensuring comfort and maximum freedom of movement.

What are the main types of shapewear

The shapewear full bodysuit are the ones that shape the body without over-constricting.

These shapers are easy to wear and thanks to the containment action they can help to tighten the excess belly and to contain the hips in order to eliminate unsightly rolls and to be able to wear any type of dress and do justice to the figure.

Available in several variants, with or without cups (to be combined with your favorite bra), in both cases it models and controls the entire abdominal and lumbar area. It is the perfect solution under any type of blouse and t-shirt for extra support.

They are perfect both to contain the breasts in models that include cups, and to be combined with our favorite bra wearing the under-breast model with adjustable straps to have the décolleté as we like best.


The built in shapewear dress is a great invention that you can't do without! 

The double layer design can smooth the abdomen.

The dress is fitted with a body shaper underneath to create a shapely figure and highlight your curves.

Perfect model for any occasion and absolutely trendy.

The butt is highlighted and the thighs are shaped by the lining.

The fabric with which this dress is made is ecological and completely biodegradable and no chemicals are used.

This is not a simple dress but a garment that you will no longer be able to do without. Comfortable to wear, seamless and comfort fabric. A single dress to make the silhouette perfect.

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  1. Sono stata sul loro sito a dare un'occhiata e hanno dei prodotti davvero interessanti e molto belli!

  2. Anch'io ho visitato il sito e ho salvato tante belle proposte :-) ne sono felice!

  3. Un sito molto ben fornito, grazie della segnalazione

  4. Oh questi body sono molto belli, quasi quasi ne prendo qualcuno per i vestiti!


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